To me SELF CARE is about ease, bottom line.
It can be found or explored in so many ways. Here’s a list of some of my favorites:
*Simplify. I find with less stuff I have less to do, freeing my time. This is a continual process for me, decluttering both physically, mentally & emotionally
*Morning quiet time. I don’t like rushing.
*Music, morning listen, kitchen dance parties, new playlists, live music & summer concerts. Carpool Karaoke anyone?
*Nightly list to help my morning and next day’s flow. (Friday night list for a Monday mornings start)
*Skin Care & Baths
*Foot soaks, before bed are so relaxing. I had my sons do this when they were young too, soothing…
*Saying NO to things that I don’t want to do. I’m into supporting others, this is more about my true vision for myself.
*Manicure/Pedicure. I do love this treat or the home version.
*Color coordinating my closet. Visually I love it. It’s is so much easier to find things, saves mental energy, time and money!
*Washing my bedsheets. I love the feeling of fresh linens and treat it like a sanctuary.
*Deep conversations and hanging out with fun, interesting, witty people. I love to laugh. (quality over quantity)
*Meeting a friend for a walk, outing, urban or outdoorsy adventure, coffee etc.
*Going to bed early. I love to feel well rested and to have long mornings.
*Asking for help. Dinner night is my example. My husband  and I have specific nights that are ours. I love his dinner night because I am free. I love my night, trying new recipes or going to my freezer to get a stocked up meal from a previous large cook. Knowing what you’re good at and what you might want to delegate is another example.
*One day a week, choose a time where there are no commitments, except for my own.
*Moving my body. I do something everyday. I don’t judge the day. I just make a point to move, especially if I’m working from home. I get up between tasks. It brings creativity.
*Meditation or quiet time. I listen to online recording or do my own thing.
*Pinball. Nothing like living in the moment. I call it my modern meditation.
There are endless possibilities. I invite you to join me in the Self Care Passport Facebook group for continued support, ideas and motivation.
XO, Janae