It’s time to Declare your SUMMER Intentions in Body, Mind & Soul.
When we intentionally focus on the goodness we would like to bring about, opportunities open up to us and possibility is everywhere.
The BODY is your own private temple.

How are you treating it?

How do you want to care for it?
My Intention for this summer is to treat my BODY well, eating healthier and using that to propel me on more hikes, adventures and social get togethers. REST is also a good way to honor your body.
What summer intentions to you want to declare for your BODY?
How do you feed and fuel your MIND?
Do you exercise it or let it rest? (both please)
How does your MIND fit into the Body, Mind, Soul connection?

It feels so good when all are in alignment. I seek progress over perfection, always.

I want to read more books this summer while relaxing in a hammock, on the beach or on my porch, fully focused and not distracted. I want to have engaging conversations and connect with people. I want to send snail mail and make people’s mailboxes smile with a wanted envelope.

Those are my summer Intentions for my MIND.

What do your intentions look and feel like to you?
How are you tending to your SOUL?
Engage in some Soulful Self Care, daily.

I know there have been times when I have set it aside for other pursuits and my inner world started talking.
I specifically remember a single tear leaking out of my eye and traveling down my cheek and landing on my chest.
Ah, it was one of those simple quiet moments that screamed at me? How long had I not been listening or shoving those feelings away?

I thought to myself that is my SOUL leaking out of my body. I wasn’t listening and my body was telling me something. From then on I’ve been careful to tend to what truly matters to me deep down inside.
Part of the connection for me is slowing down, really hearing, seeing, touching, loving and being present.
It is my summer intention, to keep this in mind, always.
How does your SOUL fit into the Body, Mind, Soul connection?
Amongst the summer schedule, because it is always different, I declare to keep my morning routines and rituals, touch base with people I love and fill my Self Care Passport with activities that are SOULFUL.
What SUMMER Intentions do you want to declare?

Feel, breath and LIVE into your summer Intentions for Body, Mind & Soul, like your life depended on it… because it does.

Living deeply can be in small measures and easy steps in the direction of your desires or a deep dive. Create the path and pace you need.
Ask yourself what you really want this summer, unplug and tune in to your Body, Mind & Soul.
If you need some encouragement come on over to the Self Care Passport Adventure Club.
It’s a START where you are club that is dedicated to your personal journey in Body, Mind & Soul.
Want a sisterhood that supports and encourages you? Follow your heart and this link.
XO, Janae