Let’s make life LESS complicated by following our heart’s desire, deciding what we like and accepting the variety of experiences that come our way. Just like our favorite beverage, we can define what we like, settle in or mix in up once in awhile, try new flavors or combinations. If it doesn’t work for you, CHANGE your order. Do you think you will find a new go to favorite?

BUT first…

How do you make your favorite beverage (LIFE) happen?

Decide what you like or what you think you might like. Be open to new possibilities. HONOR traditions and rituals that work for you.

Do you have a ritual, routine or list of ingredients that is perfect for you? Do you love going to your favorite barista, smoothie bar or coffee location? Is Chai/Life calling your name? Chai & Life are always calling my name, hot or iced!

LIFE is always calling my name even when I don’t always feel like listening.

I decided to start this meditation series as part of the healing process after losing my Mom last November. For the most part, minus some tech issues, I get very relaxed creating these. It has helped transform my grief. I’m onto the next stage now and have decided that SUMMER needs to be fun. I want to be playing and embodying what the true meaning of, A Life Well Lived.

I’m making adjustments and plans to have this be a summer that nourishes me in Body, Mind & Soul.

It’s a time of new beginnings. I acknowledge the struggles, heartache and change of the last year but I will not stay or dwell in it.

Now back to that latte or morning beverage of choice…

What are the perfect ingredients for you?

What do you want in your life?

What can you let go of, to find what better serves you?

Cherish your moments, your life and your favorite beverages.  Get quiet enough to hear what you really want. Quieting your mind helps in so many ways, endless possibilities.

You can join my free monthly meditation series, Sip, Savor & Surrender to quiet the hustle and bustle, by clicking HERE. The new meditation is out, on the first day of summer! LIVE Abundantly! It’s a short monthly meditation delivered to your inbox. Order up a life just like you would your favorite latte or beverage of choice.

THANK YOU for listening and taking this journey with me.

Love + Gratitude & (ICED) Lattes,

Other things I’m crushing on: Iced lattes, tea and chai, summer fruits and veggies, farmer’s market, warming temps, outdoor music and the Self Care Passport Adventure Club, Click HERE for more details. I hope that you Join us!  I meant it when I said I wanted to have a FUN SUMMER, game on! XO, J