The Self Care Passport is a positive and supportive place to share your journey to a healthier life. The journey to health requires us to reach out, lean in, branch out, travel within, find community, faith, inner strength, and expand time to meet our needs, dreams, and desires. Let’ s do this together.
Don’t forget to put yourself on your own To-Do list. ?
My intent in starting this movement was to remind myself to balance my own hustle of owning a business, being in positive relationships, exploring my dreams, having adventures, tending to my family, friends and taking care of myself along the way.
Positive Selfishness and Self Care methods of all types have improved my life in Body, Mind & Soul. Progress over perfection, always.
Keep Your Self-Care Time Sacred and Non-Negotiable.
Thank you for being here! I am a true believer in COMMUNITY over competition
I would love to go on this journey with you!
If you want or need support in your personal or professional life, creating mindset moves, a deep belief in yourself or systems to create a life you LOVE, please contact me at hello[at]janaefletcher[dot]com 
With LOVE & Gratitude, Janae
+ Private Facebook group:
+ One to One support, arranged with conversations and connection, to see if we are right for each other. If there isn’t a time that works for you please email me at hello[at]janaefletcher[dot]com 
+ Destination: YOU, an exploration of your inner and outer world to build strong and meaningful foundations for yourself, open twice a year. (currently closed)
+ Free Guidebook: 12 Steps to Motivated Loving & Adventurous Self Care: