For the last month I have been reading to myself these visualization statements. Acting AS IF everything is lined up and ready to go. I do believe in the power of attraction & visualization and the discipline of this daily act. Yes, I skipped a few day as my Christmas and holiday mind drifted away. The power of ritual and routine spoke loud and clear on most of my the days.

Progress over perfection Every. Single. Time. (Be kind to yourself)

If you have any questions or thoughts please, comment below. You can also join us in The Self Care Passport a positive and supportive place to share your journey to a healthier life, both personally and professionally.

Here are my visualization statements.

+ I love knowing that I am growing into the highest version of myself.
+ I am in the process of being flexible and open enough to see all possibilities with love, compassion and inspired action.
+ I’ve decided that raising my voice and vibration for what I truly believe in, is a great gift to the world.
+ I’m excited that my finances speak the language of love and provide for me expansive opportunities and the power to be generous in numerous ways.
+ More and more I feel the presence of a greater good and let go of what no longer serves me.
+ It excites me that I see beauty and possibility in every moment.
+ I love the idea of being more visible, taking my lifestyle arhitect ideas out to the world to share via my daily life, community minded events, online offerings and podcast.
+ I’m excited at the thought of speaking from the heart with kindness and truth infused content.
+ I love seeing myself convey my essence in Body, Mind & Soul, loving and living more fully.
+ I love how it feels when I put my plan into action, varying it when a richer idea comes to mind.
+ I love that I have found that there is freedom in structure and I am living into that concept with all my heart.
+ I’m in the process of attracting all that I need to do, know or have to live my ideal life with increased finances, fitness & fun.
The Law of Attraction (and inspired action) is unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring me, my desired life.
+ I AM Beautiful. I AM Healthy, inside and out and Living into this moment, NOW.
What Visualization Statements feel right for you? Visualize and Act, AS IF!
XO, Janae

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