Want to break through some limiting beliefs, represent yourself with your true heart’s desire,

claim your space in the life with more vigor and vim; explore and adventure with confidence,

set boundaries or ROCK or OWN your world?

The Power of Positive Selfishness is waiting for you to say a hearty YES. It’s time.

Don’t wait until conditions are perfect to live the life you desire, Do it NOW.


The Self Care Passport is an adaptable but steadfast tool to help you take an honest, loving and adventurous look at your world. Embrace all the feelings that come your way and adjust according to your desires. Firstly it’s good to take an honest look at the true you in the moment. It’s important this honesty is not marred by comparison or negative self talk but supported by true compassion. The Journey to Health is a combination of Self Care Steps, including but limited to, Love, Awareness, Acceptance, Compassion, Commitment & Forgiveness. It takes twists and turns and has many layers. Let’s explore the possibilities. Let’s put a Stamp in your Self Care Passport!

I’ll be the first to admit I love to take an analytical look at life and see how I can use that information to broaden my world. Welcome to the Self Care Passport. Let me explain how it can be used and adapted  to many situations. It all gets down to the nitty gritty of what we are doing and how we want to feel. Let’s face it, not every feeling is going to be the joyous and easy variety. The powerful movers are our best teacher, courage, vulnerability and bravery for example

They are all part of the game. Let’s Play!

When you take a look at the Self Care Passport you will notice an Activity section and Feelings section. Both of these can be used in a variety of ways. The possibilities are boundless. When you fill in the grid you will start to notice patterns. Certain activities, people or situations will bring up different feelings. If you are driven to change, observe yourself to help you make personal decisions, this is a great tool. As you start to use it you will notice it’s flexibility and simplicity working for you.

Here are some examples to get you going:

Activity: Morning Routine (could be a cup of coffee)  Feeling: Grateful

Activity: Giving myself a compliment  Feeling: Vulnerable

Activity: Visiting Julia  Feeling: Drained

Activity: Trying a new class  Feeling: Scared/Excited

Activity: Playing on the computer all day (not getting anything else done)  Feeling: Pissed/Disappointed

Activity: Repeating old stories in  my head  Feeling: Defeated

Activity: Watching my favorite show  Feeling: Relaxed

Activity: Visiting with a friend or loved one  Feeling: Loved (cherished)

Everyone’s goals, desires, needs & list is going to be different. That is the beauty of this system. It can be taken in many directions and used in unlimited ways for your personal and professional life. It’s in the commitment and analyzing that the patterns will reveal the needs to be addressed and altered. I love the simplicity of it too. Simple and concise: Write an Activity and a Feeling, 3-5 times a day, take a look at the end of a week, circle the feeling you want to hold onto, adjust for the following week. continuing on for a month will reveal a multitude of answers.

When I work one to one with my clients we check in weekly. I make recommendations and suggestions for the next week. a full process takes a month. Just like any good habit or commitment to change, it takes time

There is a lot of freedom in the structured approach.

I have used this system for countless situations for a LONG time.

Ideas that have worked for me:

Self Care Routines,

Self Love Rituals,

Creating a new reality after a divorce

Pushing myself  to explore ideas and social situations

Embracing my inner introvert & learning how to refuel.

Getting active or having outdoor adventures,

Surrounding myself with people who lift me up, (Yes, analyze the energy vampires and don’t give them an all access pass)

Quiet activities:  Reading, Journaling, Meditation, List making,

Eating Choices, Fitness Goals,

Business Goals & Strategies

Creating & Setting Boundaries.

Financial Health, Spending and Saving

Health Journaling (Injury Journaling when  healing from a trauma)

The possibilities are truly boundless. Explore the options! 

Tracking patterns takes time. I originally started this idea on a piece of notebook paper 17 years ago. I wrote  what I was doing and how I was feeling, 3-5 times per day. An activity or person I was interacting with and the feeling(s) that arose from it. It didn’t take long to see a pattern. I did this for a week at a time. At the end of the week I would circle what I wanted in my life. I continued on for a month. It helped me realize the shifts I needed and wanted to make.


I would suggest doing this for a week 3-5 times a day. At the end of the week circle the feelings you want to have. Continue on for a month or until that particular part of your life feels better. This can be to a very specific situation or need also. I originally used it for a whole life feeling.When looking at your feelings at the end of the week it’s important to give value to some of the uncomfortable feelings, if they are helping you grow. Life is not all roses. It’s the combinations that fuel and nourish us.

Take a look at the feelings that are not serving you. Do you need to set boundaries, check in with yourself on a particular activity, stop hanging out with certain people, find replacement activities that make you feel better? Continue on for a month or until that particular part of your life feels better. Remember you can use this method for life general or a particular situation or set of circumstances. You will feel the rhythm and benefit if you give it a chance. Not everything the helps us needs to be complicated.

Peel back some layers and see what remains. This will also be used in the Self Care Passport Adventure Club in a slightly different way. The summer fun starts July 1. It’s a START Where YOU ARE Club, join us, more details coming soon. Join the Facebook group to receive additional details, The Self Care Passport

Self Care Passport

Please let me know if you have any questions about the process. Thank you, Janae  (hello@janaefletcher.com)

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